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Scotland’s Islands Bill

Scotland’s intention to protect the unique way of life of its 900+ tiny island communities [...]

Lou Grignon wins Antigua Barbuda Hamptons Challenge

Lou Grignon was the overall winner of the Antigua-Barbuda Hamptons Challenge sail race in his [...]

Cruise ships to visit Barbuda

Tourism Authority CEO Colin James has confirmed on OBSERVER AM this morning thatfrom 2014, smaller [...]

Council resumes sand-mining

The Council administration under Chairman Arthur Nibbs has resumed sand mining on Barbuda in spite [...]

Water, water everywhere, and lots of drops to drink

The new reverse osmosis plant at River will soon be operational as the pipes are [...]

Strong earthquake shakes Barbuda

An earthquake about 25 miles to the west of Barbuda shook the island in the [...]

Caribana on Barbuda

The island will be celebrating Caribana from May 16th to 20th. All the dates and [...]

Barbuda Blue Halo Launch

There was a big turnout to support this initiative at the beautiful fisheries building, with [...]

Tek that BPM! Asot buys Barbuda

After a long wait while they counted all the votes – not box by box [...]

Black History Month

A fantastic food fair was held at Holy Trinity School to celebrate Black History Month, [...]