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For those who have enjoyed Frangipani Glamping, this is the new two-bedroom guest house, taking bookings for the new 2023 season. It will be fully equipped with solar power, in two en-suite bedrooms and has a gallery with spectacular views of the north-east Barbudan coastline, spanning Two Foot Bay to Fishing Creek. It’s on the wild Atlantic side of the island, on a perfectly natural beach that you may have all to yourselves except for a local fisherman. Or you might want to share a Tommy Hill happy hour or a barbecue with like-minded glampers if there are guests in the Cabana.

You can catch fish, watch birds, snorkel, beachcomb, paddle out in the canoe, read for hours, cook on the open fire or just drink rum and watch the stars in an undisturbed night sky. Frangipani is an amazing location and you will be immersed in nature; an experience unlike anything else on Barbuda.

Bookings are being taken now for 2023 so book here on airbnb or find more information about Frangipani on their website. If you prefer you can visit their glamping page to book a few nights in the Cabana instead.