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The Battle of the Land Registries

Hmmm… The Barbuda Council have granted all kinds of lands free to Barbudans for centuries, [...]

Here we go again…

‘The first home, dubbed the Abercorn Residence, would be a sprawling 15,000 square feet edifice [...]

The Barbuda Amendment Bill 2022 Fairy Tale

Well, it all belongs to me, said Gaston Brown to King Charles at that widely [...]

Privy Council – it’s not Common Land.

The devastating decision of the Privy Council to dismiss the appeal of Barbudans in the [...]

Caribana 2022

Caribana is back on Barbuda, after years of waiting since the ravages of the hurricane [...]

Yes, we have to pay MORE to be healthy on Barbuda

Barbudan doctor, Dr Deazle asked for equipment to outfit a space for a laboratory on [...]

Council meet with APUA to discuss energy infrastructure

Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) have met with the Barbuda Council to discuss ways it [...]

Barbuda Council finally agree on committees

Following a short, slightly angry and ultimately politically ridiculous dispute about the Chair of Council [...]

No to Antiguan land registry on Barbuda

Melford Nicholas explains here on youtube rather unconvincingly why a new Barbuda Land Registry is [...]

Clean Sweep for BPM

A total of 3,645 votes were counted last night in the Council election – which [...]