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There has always been some confusion about visitors to Barbuda having to clear customs in Antigua first, and leave Barbuda within 24 hours – this is not always the case; some details of what to do are listed here on Noonsite Antigua and Barbuda.

Although this site has been updated since the hurricane, it may be inaccurate about leaving Barbuda within 24 hours. This is obviously not good for Barbuda, we would like you to stay here for as long as you like! So those wishing to come to Barbuda before Antigua or stay longer, can contact the Controller of Customs in Antigua at least 48 hours before, by e-mail at or on (+268) 462 0829 and get the required permission.

For more information on this also try Matthew John, our own Customs Officer at Barbuda Customs on his cell phone (+268) 722-7210

Checking the weather – here are our links to Windy and Windguru

Barbuda is regularly visited by experienced sailors who like to keep the secret to themselves, but the island also has almost 200 historic wrecks around the coast which are enough to put off casual sailors.

We have lost boats in recent times too, it is so flat that it is very difficult to see until you are dangerously close to the reefs.

A regular visitor to Barbuda, Chris Doyle is very familiar with the coastline and was here last year to update his essential guide. Most of those who do make the effort to visit us are delighted when finally anchored off a stunning beach without a soul in sight.

But please ask a local person for advice if you are new to Barbuda and need to know where to moor your boat, and please do not anchor to our reefs, fish in the restricted areas or use jet skis, spear guns and other destructive equipment.