We started the same year as facebook (I know…!) and are still the only website that features just the island of Barbuda. Our Google analytics show us we are regularly reaching over 170 countries – out of 195 in the world. We know that 99% of people who come to Barbuda have looked for and found information they need on here first. We get lots of e mails and we answer them all, and then our visitors tell us this when we meet them.

We write it for Barbudans living overseas (especially those of Barbudan descent who have yet to visit) our Caribbean neighbours, and visitors and travellers who have never been to Barbuda but want to come one day. We try to post accurate, up to date information, positive images of the island although sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the news from this vibrant community.

We know that Barbudan small businesses gain much needed benefits on a level playing field such as this, as more visitors engage with the community directly, using the site to look for locally-owned accommodation, our amazing local food, tours where you meet the real Barbudan experts, shopping and things to do before they come.

We are consistently on the first page of any online search, we are regularly listed (and visited) by writers and journalists updating information about Barbuda and our place in the Caribbean; including tourism publications Conde Nast Traveller, Footprint, Lonely Planet, Superyachts Guide and the various Antigua and Barbuda guides. We are often referenced in the international media when they write about Antigua and Barbuda and we always follow them up if they miss us out. In the past the Huffington Post have featured Barbuda with all their links going just to this website, and Virgin Atlantic contacted us to participate in filming their in-flight video here on Barbuda. Following Hurricane Irma this website was of special interest to the rest of the world (although nearly every entry was wiped out) and contributed to the island receiving much needed media attention and compassionate international support.

If you are interested you can see the analytics (who looks, where they are from…) for yourself – just ask and I can send a copy.

website subscription categories & rates for 2023

Barbudans with small businesses  – one photograph, text and link: EC$100 per year – affordable – and we can take your pictures and can help with writing the text.

Barbudans with large businesses – two photographs, text and links: US$100 per year – this option is for larger Barbudan businesses such as car hire and also covers non-Barbudan small businesses who live on the island.

Hotels & Guesthouses – two or more photographs, text and link: This rate is the same for one year, as the low-season room rate is for one night. If your room is US$50 per night, you will pay that for your entry. If it is is US$800 per night, your rate will be that. And as with all our subscriptions you are guaranteed to make it back from bookings which come through as a result of the website.

Other businesses with a Barbuda connection – price on request usually from US300 + per year.

For more information, or to suscribe, message us here

50% of the country – 3% of the budget

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