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Barbuda Council administrative building
tourism building

The Council administration building (above left) is now fully operational and the base for the Secretary of Council – Mr Paul Nedd – to carry out his daily duties with a team of admin workers, with the Treasury next door, where bills and wages are paid.

The Tourism building (middle) also has a large team of Council staff and the building is open for every day visits and information about Barbuda. Occassionally there are crafts and souvenirs for sale.

The Post Office has been rebuilt (right) after Irma and is open every day for post and stamps at regular hours.

Barbuda Council Ginnery
interpretation centre

Both of these buildings above (pictured pre-Irma) are closed. The Ginnery (above left) has lost it’s roof. This very old building was once used to store sea salt, and was the place where Council meetings were held – they are now held at Fisheries. The building on the right was the ‘interpretation centre’ built by Council, and held museum artefacts.

The old Government House – pictured below – was being renovated by BRC but work has now stopped.

government house
old govnmt building back

The community centre (pictured below before and after Irma) is on River Road and was badly damaged. It’s still awaiting repairs five years later, so we can open for private hire and local events.

The Red Cross building is also on River Road next to the Community Centre and has been established since Irma for future aid requirements.


Emergency Services

SHELTER MANAGER – Tessa Webber – 785 1162


RED CROSS – Mohammid Walbrook