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Peace, Love and Happiness/Barbuda Ocean Club

700 luxury villas starting at US$6m each, intended to be along the whole of the south coast of Barbuda, on Coco Point and Palmetto Hotel’s old leases, with a philanthropic desire to ‘help Barbudans’ through their interpretation of a community programme, several manual jobs attached and an apparently great relationship with PM Gaston Browne who gets the income. Not a hotel or really fitting into any category here, they have declined a subscription to this website. However note that from their investors brochure they may have inadvertently acknowledged it by calling one of their buildings ‘barbudaful’.

PLH have started to open for new villa owners at the Barbuda Ocean Club and completely cleared land for further building and a proposed golf course at Palmetto, where they have met opposition from local people as their contentious approach brings more unwanted conflict to the people of Barbuda.

sunset hotel 2016

Sunset Hotel

is situated on the edge of the village on River road and was built in the 1970’s to become one of the first locally owned hotels. Successive owners failed to make it work and it remains derelict. In the hurricane aftermath it was used to contain the dogs that were left behind on Barbuda after evacuation.

lighthouse hotel 2018

Lighthouse Bay Resort

at Low Bay was supposed to be sold by auction in 2015 and is apparently still for sale, and guarded by out of control dogs.

Barbuda is a place that is near and dear to my heart,” said Mike Branker, who was introduced to the island more than 50 years ago by his grandfather. “This auction is a wonderful opportunity. There aren’t many chances to own beachfront properties like this, not only in the Caribbean, but in the entire world. This is a one-of-a-kind-opportunity to own what can only be described as a piece of natural beauty.”

K Club in May 2016

K Club

was once a very successful luxury hotel, attracting international celebrities and famously, Princess Diana. The beach between K Club and Coco Point (still called Access by locals) was renamed Princess Diana beach as a tribute to her love for Barbuda. It was intended for re-development by Robert de Niro with James Packer   (who went into rehab after Mariah Carey dumped him) under the name Paradise Found. It is now subject to legal action to contest the manner in which they obtained consent for the project, which included demands for acres of extra land as part of a ‘Barbuda Master Plan’. The terms of De Niro’s agreement made with the Antigua government have never been made transparent to Barbudans who will again (sigh) be forced to fight this in court.

clearing the old buildings

Dulcina Hotel

(at River) was demolished in 2016 and the land cleared, as the lease has apparently been given to Maria Browne, the wife of Prime Minister Gaston Browne. No other work has since been done on the project.

North Beach

was completely destroyed by Hurricane Irma

A helicopter's view of Coco Point

Coco Point

was once a busy hotel with strong links to the community, employing many and setting up the Coco Point Trust Fund to benefit the educational development of the people of Barbuda. After Hurricane Irma it was destroyed and abandoned by the owners, but since then the lease has been bought by Peace, Love and Happiness (PLH) as the Barbuda Ocean Club.

Palmetto Hotel/Guffanti/The Beach House

had a chequered history, sometimes a busy hotel popular with Italian guests, other times empty. The buildings are no more – the lease has also been sold to Discovery Land Company operating as Peace Love and Happiness (PLH) and that lovely  building bulldozed, swimming pool filled in, to make way for a golf course. See above.