The Barbuda Turf Club meets every now and then on Sundays, starting after 4pm at the racetrack. There are usually four races, with two or three horses in each. It’s an exciting family day out that all enjoy with food and music. All the racing pictures are regularly posted on our barbudaful facebook page.

Barbuda's young jockeys
Carbana horse racing 2016

Ask equine expert, Jose Manuel Romero, for advice on your horse

Jose Manuel Romero is an equine vet who visited Barbuda and spent time with local horse owners. Mr Romero has also visited England to prepare the Spanish eventing team for the Barcelona Olympics and he is an expert on racing injuries. He has since kindly offered to give his advice to Barbudans as an online service, so visit his blog, or e-mail a question about your horse in Barbuda to [email protected]. You can send him a picture of the problem if necessary.