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Barbuda Ocean Club is intended to be 700 luxury homes for the super-rich, starting at US$3m each, along most of the whole of the south coast of Barbuda. Already started on Coco Point’s old lease there will be a ‘vibrant surf-side village’ here. At the other end on Palmetto’s old lease (plus more land given to them by an Antigua Labour Party controlled Barbuda Council) they want to develop as far as the lagoon – an important and protected Ramsar site. They are planning a golf course, a sports park, an organic farm (we are already one big organic farm) among other things to keep their guests happy in paradise. Although BOC is not a hotel we are told that instead of paying proper taxes direct to Barbuda or a fair rent for all this land, we should understand their philanthropic desire ‘to help Barbudans’ through their own interpretation of a ‘community programme’ and the so-far limited manual jobs attached to the project. So the owners of the Barbuda Ocean Club – PLH (Peace, Love and Happiness) and Discovery Land Company – continue to meet strong opposition from some local people as their contentious approach brings unwanted conflict and division yet again to the people of Barbuda.