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The ArtCafe serves home-made food and drinks made fresh every day from Barbudan produce, in our small craft shop and cafe. We have teas, coffee, beer, wine and cocktails; we have locally made ice cream and we sometimes make a cake. We do a dish-of-the-day lunch from 12 to 2pm every day except Sunday. It’s always made with fresh Barbudan produce and there is always seafood – lobster, conchs, barracuda, shark…we buy ALL our fish from local fishers. We cook our own beef, local pork, lamb, goat and deer meat, ocassionally we have guinea fowl from a local farmer. We are a very small business with a very small menu, so you are advised to call ahead and tell us you are coming if you are a bigger group. If you want a particular item for lunch we can easily do this in advance, such as a whole fish to share, because you are also just as likely to find a vegetarian/vegan dish such as chick-pea fritters on the menu or hot sandwiches, soups and fresh salads. We cook with Barbuda sea salt and we smoke and cure fish and meat when we have time. We also make interesting seasonal drinks like our Sea Grape Vodka.

We love to host pop-up suppers for parties (you must book in advance) where you choose from our menu and we cook it for you. We do lively Caribbean rum tasting evenings for those who want to learn about the history and practice of rum making in the Caribbean, or you can come to one of our ‘happy hours’ where we argue politics and serve cocktails with jazz, soca and reggae.  Phone or whats app to see what we have on +1 (268) 726 9118 or message Claire at [email protected] or through this site. If you can’t get through it’s Digicels bad signal so try more than once – my phone does work!

We are ALWAYS closed on Sunday. Our sample menu is on our Facebook page with more news and pictures and we have trip advisor reviews here.