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As far as we know the informal anchorages on Barbuda listed here are still safe after Hurricane Irma. There may be some debris under water in places, but most of the popular areas are now regularly being used. ALL BEACHES on Antigua and Barbuda are public and you may use any of them at any time, keeping within the high water line.

Spanish Point/White Bay road into the village was made nearly impassable by Hurricane Irma, so if you are moored here it will be a considerable distance to cycle or get a taxi into the village.

Coco Point Lodge is now Barbuda Ocean Club and they are just as unfriendly to yachties as before.

Coral Group now has small boats coming to moor there – next to Barbuda Cottages. A new mooring had been marked out with buoys before Irma but was probably lost, and Uncle Roddy’s is now open.

River Wharf is probably too busy with ferries coming and going for other craft to moor near here, but it is possible.

Low Bay is the nearest location to the village and here you will see the derelict Lighthouse Hotel in front of you (they have been warned to keep their dogs under control) and a huge new gap created by the hurricane. From here you can use your dinghy to cross the lagoon.

PLEASE NOTE that it is forbidden by the Barbuda Council to use your own dinghy to visit the Frigate Bird sanctuary from any mooring on Barbuda.

Contact any of the local boat or taxi operators to meet your boat, they are familiar with the needs of visiting yachts and can carry you to all the essential services quickly. Some things you need in the way of everyday items can be bought in the village and can be found on the barbudaful community pages – shops, businesses and other services. We ask you to contact the waste disposal teams to get rid of your rubbish if necessary – some casual yacht visitors leave their garbage on our beaches.

Yachts at Low Bay
River Wharf May 2016