Jicky’s Latest News and the site archives

We always called our news pages after Jicky (Ordrick Samuel) who for many years has loudly announced village news including birthdays, deaths, meetings and politics – interspersed with his favourite songs – over an annoying loudspeaker from his roof; with only occasional interruptions when he’s shut down by a new neighbour. But now we use our barbudaful fb feed instead.

We still have our old Jicky’s Latest News (JLN) articles going back twenty years as far as 2004 – when the barbudaful website started – which was before Facebook! Some of the older posts may have lost some of their content (images and old links) over that time, but they are an interesting snapshot of life on Barbuda and you can read through all of them here.

50% of the country – 3% of the budget

Since Hurricane Irma (when we needed it most) Barbuda has been punished by Antigua and [...]

The Battle of the Land Registries

Hmmm… The Barbuda Council have granted all kinds of lands free to Barbudans for centuries, [...]

Here we go again…

‘The first home, dubbed the Abercorn Residence, would be a sprawling 15,000 square feet edifice [...]

The Barbuda Amendment Bill 2022 Fairy Tale

Well, it all belongs to me, said Gaston Brown to King Charles at that widely [...]

Privy Council – it’s not Common Land.

The devastating decision of the Privy Council to dismiss the appeal of Barbudans in the [...]

Caribana 2022

Caribana is back on Barbuda, after years of waiting since the ravages of the hurricane [...]

Privy Council: Case Details

This information is taken from the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council website. MacKenzie Frank [...]

Barbudans Worldwide

Barbudans Worldwide Dear Fellow Barbudans, Re. BARBUDA LAND RIGHTS CASE AT THE PRIVY COUNCIL LONDON [...]

Barbuda gets star treatment.

So suddenly we are worth promoting? But no mention of this website which has been [...]

Privy Council: May 3rd 2022.

Finally, the long awaited date has been agreed for the hearing in the UK at [...]

Eda Frank

Eda Frank recently passed away, she was a neighbour and friend; advice giver, entrepreneur, my [...]

Don’t steal our Fish

Unlicenced fishing boats (including Antiguans – we have DIFFERENT LAWS on Barbuda) are being warned [...]

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