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A much welcomed small museum was opened in 2012 in one of the Council buildings in Barbuda, but is now closed. It was part of three projects funded at a total cost of US$1.2 million over three years by the US National Science Foundation, PSC Cuny and the Graduate School and University Centre of New York, who established a Barbuda Research Centre here, which at one time also had an Aquaponics Research Facility next door, farming Tilapia which is fast becoming the staple diet of the fish-eating world, although somewhat surprising on Barbuda, a nation of fishers.

In the future a new museum could facilitate the storage of the many important archival materials and artefacts found by BRC in their research.There should also be space for Barbudans to see the ‘Codrington Correspondence’ – a collection of more than 500 letters concerning Antigua and Barbuda written by the Codrington family and their overseers. This collection has been microfilmed by the University of Texas  and is available for use there. Gregg Wilson, who spent several years as a teacher on Barbuda, has purchased copies which could be organised, scanned, and reproduced for display.

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