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There are currently only two hotels open on Barbuda.

Barbuda Belle is a five star resort with an amazingly beautiful pink sand beach at certain times of the year, and the addition of a stylish new beach bar a short walk from the main hotel.

Barbuda Cottages on the south side of the island are locally owned and have expanded to include a new Uncle Roddy’s with spectacular views over the ocean.

Barbuda Ocean Club (PLH) who have taken over both leases at Coco Point and at Palmetto, and further land as far as the edge of the lagoon, will soon control nearly the whole of the south coast of Barbuda. This controversial new project is not a hotel but will consist of 700 ‘custom built luxury homes’ starting at around US$3m each, a golf course and various other play-areas for their wealthy customers.

For other lovely local places to stay on Barbuda, see the guest house listings, although at the time of writing there are very few available since the double whammy of the hurricane destroying homes and lack of availability as aid agencies arrived, closely followed by PLH renting everything for their staff and now Covid. Hopefully this will soon improve and we will be able to update the list.