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by air

There are no international flights straight to Barbuda, all visitors must travel to Antigua first. A large number of international carriers from the US, the UK, Canada and the wider Caribbean have flights to Antigua. In most cases you will need to stay at least one night in Antigua until you can get on a local flight or one of the ferries to Barbuda. You can also charter a plane or even a helicopter, which is sometimes cost effective if there are five or more people with luggage and if there is a charter readily available.

SVG operate Antigua Barbuda Montserrat Air (ABM) who are currently one of the carriers to Barbuda. Changes to their flight schedules are made almost every day and often without notice, although they generally do two flights – coming to Barbuda (and returning to Antigua) at around 7.30am, and the same journey at 4.30pm.You can send them an e mail online or try their number (+268) 562-7183 (Antigua) and (+268) 562-8089 (Barbuda) bearing in mind that they may be on the ground with a plane and not in their office.

Codrington airport
Codrinton airport, Barbuda

The ticket price is now EC$175 one way – approximately US$65. Please re-confirm your flight with the airport before the day – and be advised that if you are late checking in they will give away your seat. They also cancel and alter flights without warning or compensation so leave a local contact number and they might let you know. The plane will be a small 7 seater so luggage space is restricted and everything (including you) will be weighed. The allowance is 1 hand baggage not exceeding 10lbs and one checked-in baggage not exceeding 50lbs. Additional or overweight bags will be charged and may be delayed overnight until a flight is able to carry them.The flight takes about fifteen minutes, and if all the above goes well, it can be a great service. The airport is in the village so it is a short walk to the centre of Codrington.

If you have very heavy or large luggage the ferry may be able to assist with this for a small charge, or it will have to go on one of the cargo boats, see below for info on both.

by sea

The ferries are often preferred by Barbudans because of the greater capacity to carry shopping and luggage back over to Barbuda in one go, and the large number of seats available – allowing for last minute travel, although booking is preferred. The crossing can be rough but most of the people who complain about the trip may be better off on the flight, or should have lived in Barbuda when we didn’t have a ferry at all. The ferries do not run in risky conditions so safety is a priority and if the weather is bad it will be cancelled. The journey takes about 90 minutes although it passes quickly in good weather and we have sometimes seen whales on the crossing.

unloading the ferry in Barbuda
on the ferry going to Antigua

Barbuda Express has 56 seats and costs EC$220 return, offering frequent traveller, shopping days (usually Wednesdays) and other local discounts. There is music to take your mind off the waves, friendly helpful staff and you can get a travel sickness tablet on board if you think you might need one. If there are not many bookings the ferry doesn’t travel at all so it is better to book in advance and you will then be contacted if anything changes. The ferry leaves from the dock in the centre of St. Johns, Antigua and arrives in Barbuda at River Wharf, a fifteen minute taxi ride into the village. For an up-to-date schedule visit the Barbuda Express web site at www.barbudaexpress.com or look at their Facebook page for last minute advice. For reservations call (+268) 560-7989 or e-mail [email protected] .The ferry also offers a day tour package that includes lunch, the caves and the Frigate bird sanctuary.

on the ferry going to Antigua

Caribe Breeze is a 24.5ft ferry that can transport up to 195 passengers with five crew between the sister isles of Antigua and Barbuda. Our ferry offers in-house entertainment in the form of movies and music, comfortable air-line seats, upper deck, and air-conditioned cabins. Advance bookings aren’t a must but are accepted. Our friendly staff are there to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during the hour and a half ride. The vessel leaves from the Nevis Pier on Nevis Street, St. John’s, Antigua and arrives at the River Wharf in Barbuda. For our schedule, updates and special offers visit our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/caribebreezeferry/ , email us at [email protected] or call Tel: (268) 734-0326 to make a reservation.

with cargo freight

loading the cargo in Antigua
Silver Seal at River Wharf

All other village supplies including everything we buy in Antigua for our shops and homes comes to Barbuda on three or four small cargo boats that make the return trip to Antigua twice a week, usually leaving on Wednesday and Friday very late. Depending on the weather, it arrives at dawn at River Wharf above.

Silver Seal is run by Fabian Jones on (+268) 772-5028 or go to Point Wharf in Antigua and speak with a Captain on any of the Barbuda boats there. Barbudans drop off their goods to the boat early in the week while it’s being loaded and collect it again when it arrives in Barbuda later in the week.The freight usually arrives on Barbuda on Thursday and Saturday morning.

There is also a barge that comes every few weeks to collect sand, bringing with it larger items such as blocks, cars and containers. To speak to someone about using this transport call Knackbill Nedd.

on excellence

This Antiguan catamaran sometimes comes to Barbuda and offers a six hour day tour that includes lunch on the beach and a free bar, but don’t want to pay to be on the website.

by private yacht or plane

On arrival on your own private boat or private plane into Barbuda, you are required to complete clearance immediately through the Port Authority, Customs and Immigration. Updated information with contact details for clearing in and out of Barbuda, along with the most popular places to anchor are given on the next pages.