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Beazer Family Reunion

The Beazer family had their reunion at Holy Trinity School. [...]

Stanhope Shepherd’s proposed new resort gets poor reception

The village meeting to vote on the proposed 1666 acre Stanhope Shepherd Gravenor Landing resort, [...]

Official Opening of new fisheries complex

The opening of the new fisheries building was attended by a large enthusiastic crowd, although [...]

Barbuda Council lays off workers

Some difficult times ahead as the Council lays off people of pensionable age and puts [...]

Hurricane Watch

Our holiday camping weekend has been very wet and Barbuda is now watching Tropical Storm [...]

Barbuda Council seeks Secretary

The Barbuda Council is seeking to appoint a new Secretary (Chief Executive) and invites applications [...]

CARNIVAL this weekend!

Antigua Carnival [...]

New roads make for easy going

Barbuda’s road surfacing programme has come into its own in the rainy weather: now there’s [...]

It’s mango season!

Mango season is in full swing in Barbuda – some are ripe now, others will [...]

It’s still raining!

A land turtle enjoys the flood water: it’s still raining. [...]