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There are several guest houses on Barbuda and not all of the guest houses on Barbuda are listed here, although all are invited – if they prefer not to subscribe you will need to find their contact details elsewhere. We are gradually re-building our list after Irma destroyed so many homes. Additionally since Covid restrictions, some are no longer available to rent to visitors and the Barbuda Council Tourism department has so far failed to assist with the registration of any of the local village guest-houses on the governments official Covid-certificated list, making it even harder for guests hoping to come to Barbuda. However we are still welcoming visitors and most of us have our own protocols which we closely observe.

Be aware that some websites such as Airbnb cannot tell the difference between Antigua and Barbuda, so guest houses come up that are not actually on Barbuda at all.

Questions you might want to ask – there are three types of water supply in Barbuda: government or ‘piped’ water only on at certain times, harvested rainwater cisterns, and wells. Some houses have one or both or all three, you may need to know if you can drink it especially if you don’t want to buy bottled drinking water.

There are two electrical systems in Barbuda – 220 or 110 – some houses have both. Depending where you are coming from, you may need adaptors or a transformer for your equipment.

Some houses do not have hot water and most do not have a/c, but all have friendly helpful owners who will do their best to make your stay comfortable.