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We are gradually re-building our list of guest houses as aid workers and volunteers leave, and they become available. Some will have lost their numbers so we will be checking these as soon as possible. Others may not be back on electricity or internet yet. Not all of the guest houses on Barbuda are listed here, although all are invited to be.

Be aware that some websites such as Airbnb cannot tell the difference between Antigua and Barbuda, so guest houses come up that are not actually on Barbuda at all.

These entries are not reviews although we try to be honest with the facts. Some owners cannot reply to e mails quickly so a phone call first is best and some numbers change but they forget to update us, so if you can’t get through, let us know and we can pass on a message.

Questions you might want to ask – there are three types of water supply in Barbuda: government or ‘piped’ water only on at certain times, harvested rainwater cisterns, and wells. Some houses have one or both or all three, you may need to know if you can drink it especially if you don’t want to buy bottled drinking water.

There are two electrical systems in Barbuda – 220 or 110 – some houses have one or both or none as we wait for re-connection two years later. Some have a generator which may be only part-time although Barbuda Cottages lead the way with self sufficient solar power.

Depending where you are coming from, you may need an adaptor or transformer for your equipment.

Some houses do not have hot water and most do not have a/c, but all have friendly helpful owners who will do their best to make your stay comfortable.