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It’s impossible to list everything that happens on Barbuda on one website so under the drop-down headings below we promote some of the businesses, community groups, services and events that make Barbuda the vibrant island that it is. All are invited to list their group or activity on here if you are living on Barbuda and there are also many other Barbudan social media pages online: campaigning groups in support of Barbuda land rights, Barbudan businesses overseas and of course our own Jicky’s Latest News where you can search some of the older news archives and current affairs. Now we use facebook for this although it’s impossible to keep up with everything that happens – this is just a selection. We follow and share information and news with Barbudans here and overseas, promote local events and activities, try to keep up with sports, politics, share picnics and family parties, weddings, church fun-days and services, and we go on bank holiday camp-outs. And finally, there is Barbuda Caribana in May, with many visitors coming to take part in our pageants, talent shows, calypso competitions and weekend beach bashes.

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More pictures here from twenty years of the barbudaful website.

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