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It’s difficult to find detailed or accurate information about Barbuda anywhere, which is one of the reasons we started this site fifteen years ago. Since then, Hurricane Irma has put us firmly on the map but we are much more than just an island that has experienced difficult times.

There is very little tourism on the island but this is part of Barbuda’s charm – it’s undeveloped – and is one of the few remaining original and almost completely natural islands left in the world. As a result it’s a unique and special destination.To understand more about us you need to read the history of the island and explore the complicated relationship we have with Antigua regarding Barbuda land. On the whole Barbudans are very careful about development; we do not want to lose our heritage to globalisation.

Barbuda is offered as a day tour from Antigua and many people do visit us for the day – ask at your hotel or call the Barbuda ferry or one of our local taxi and tour operators direct. But as some Antiguans have never been to Barbuda they know very little about our community, although since our evacuation to Antigua after the hurricane, some more positive new links with local people there have been made.

We think you will have an even better experience if you stay here for at least one or two nights, because a day return plane and ferry does not allow much time here.

If you want to stay you will find most of the information you need right here on this site, and by contacting the taxi drivers, guest houses and hotels direct you will be making an important and welcome contribution to the local economy.

You can book your flights from overseas to Antigua and Barbuda as an independent traveller; there are several flights a week from the US, UK, and Canada that go to Antigua, and from there you can get the 90 minute ferry ride or a 15 minute flight to Barbuda.

Below you will find links to help you find your way to Barbuda. If you need more advice contact us by e mail and we will be happy to help you plan your stay.

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