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Taxis are a very good way to find out about the island because you get a friendly local guide as well as the transport, and they operate with standard fares that are set by Barbuda Council. If you arrive at the airport or the ferry wharf there will often be a taxi there who can take you to where you need to go, just look for a tx number plate or ask someone, but it’s much better to call ahead and book the taxi for your journey or a tour, before you arrive on Barbuda.

If you hire a car you can ask a local guide to come with you on trips to dive wrecks or visit the caves or other places of interest, and local knowledge is important if you want to see some of the other off-the-beaten-track parts of Barbuda.

Some of the hotels in Antigua do day tours to Barbuda and the Barbuda Express Ferry also offers this service through Hillside Tours listed below if you wish to see the most popular parts of Barbuda and only have one day.