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Privy Council: Case Details

This information is taken from the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council website. MacKenzie Frank [...]

Barbudans Worldwide

Barbudans Worldwide Dear Fellow Barbudans, Re. BARBUDA LAND RIGHTS CASE AT THE PRIVY COUNCIL LONDON [...]

Privy Council: May 3rd 2022.

Finally, the long awaited date has been agreed for the hearing in the UK at [...]

Nothing to celebrate on Barbuda

As the 40th anniversary of Independence Day approaches we reflect on 40 years of neglect [...]

National Geographic features Barbuda

Of the many articles written about Barbuda after Hurricane Irma, this one, by Mikki K [...]

UN (OHCHR) respond to Barbudan concern

A letter has been sent (copied below) from the Office of the High Commissioner for [...]

Council take Government to court

It has been a long established fact that Barbudans contribute substantially to the twin-island state [...]

Life is good on Barbuda – rather be a fisherman than a banker?

Across Europe people are protesting about the state of the economy, youth unemployment is higher [...]