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The Battle of the Land Registries

Hmmm… The Barbuda Council have granted all kinds of lands free to Barbudans for centuries, [...]

Nothing to celebrate on Barbuda

As the 40th anniversary of Independence Day approaches we reflect on 40 years of neglect [...]

UN (OHCHR) respond to Barbudan concern

A letter has been sent (copied below) from the Office of the High Commissioner for [...]

Barbuda Council finally agree on committees

Following a short, slightly angry and ultimately politically ridiculous dispute about the Chair of Council [...]

No to Antiguan land registry on Barbuda

Melford Nicholas explains here on youtube rather unconvincingly why a new Barbuda Land Registry is [...]

Clean Sweep for BPM

A total of 3,645 votes were counted last night in the Council election – which [...]

Phase Two of the UNDP homes repair finally begins.

Phase Two of the EU-funded 5 million euro aid package for Barbuda is officially starting [...]

PLH injunction lifted at Palmetto

Judge Robertson has lifted the injunction against PLH who may now continue their work at [...]

Council take Government to court

It has been a long established fact that Barbudans contribute substantially to the twin-island state [...]

Councillors court case adjourned

The court case brought against Council members Devon Warner and Secretary of Council Paul Nedd [...]