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Caribana 2022

Caribana is back on Barbuda, after years of waiting since the ravages of the hurricane [...]

Barbuda gets star treatment.

So suddenly we are worth promoting? But no mention of this website which has been [...]

Surfers Taking Action

‘An anonymous group of activists known as the Save Barbuda movement, in partnership with the [...]

The DCA warns PLH about Palmetto damage

The Antigua and Barbuda Development Control Authority (DCA) have sent a warning letter to Discovery [...]

Covid Protocols

Essential info is listed on the Government of Antigua’s Covid travel advisory for Antigua and [...]

Thinking of coming to Barbuda?

There are limited places for visitors on the three ferries – now operating mainly for [...]

Are we open for business?

The resumption of commercial flights into Antigua and Barbuda commenced on 4 June 2020 and [...]

Barbuda is Closed – for 14 days

The Barbuda Council has ordered all Barbuda ports of entry to be closed as of [...]

Barbuda Council Corona virus update

The Barbuda Council held a public meeting on Friday regarding the preventative measures that Barbuda [...]

Nobu Pops Up on Barbuda

Nobu opens a pop-up at what used to be K Club, yes, apparently it’s true…the [...]