The Be Foundation (TBF) is a globally-connected (Antigua & Barbuda, Canada, UK and USA) and registered community-based organisation established in 2018 and centred on Barbuda. TBF Trustees align the necessary support to build and strengthen community-based initiatives to:·

Restore and empower the community

Strengthen services to meet Barbudans’ needs

Build networks of opportunity

Transform lives

In 2019 TBF Trustees launched their first initiative sponsored by the Caribbean Development Bank, through a partnership with the Directorate of Gender Affairs facilitated by the Project Implementation Management Unit of the Ministry of Public Works Antigua & Barbuda. The Big Love Buda initiative will be delivered over two-years, addressing gender equality through capacity building, institutional strengthening, youth engagement, men and boys engagement, and public awareness interventions rooted in ending gender-based violence in Barbuda.

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