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Caribana 2022

Caribana is back on Barbuda, after years of waiting since the ravages of the hurricane [...]

Football on Barbuda

The Antigua and Barbuda Football Association (ABFA) came to Barbuda last week to encourage young [...]

National Geographic features Barbuda

Of the many articles written about Barbuda after Hurricane Irma, this one, by Mikki K [...]

Barbuda Council finally agree on committees

Following a short, slightly angry and ultimately politically ridiculous dispute about the Chair of Council [...]

Councillors court case adjourned

The court case brought against Council members Devon Warner and Secretary of Council Paul Nedd [...]

You have been warned…

The history of Barbuda is littered with failed projects – from the sublime to the [...]

Slow progress (still) for SMGSS

Building work is continuing at SMGSS to add long overdue facilities to the secondary school [...]

Pensioners are kept waiting…

As if Covid itself wasn’t bad enough a worry for our elderly on Barbuda, they [...]

Finally. secession is on the table

So here we go with the ‘deracinated BPM’ again. The background: Gaston lost ALL recent [...]

A separate future

‘Until they are prepared to accept their subordinate role…’ just about sums up the ignorance [...]