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No to Antiguan land registry on Barbuda

Melford Nicholas explains here on youtube rather unconvincingly why a new Barbuda Land Registry is [...]

PLH injunction lifted at Palmetto

Judge Robertson has lifted the injunction against PLH who may now continue their work at [...]

Councillors court case adjourned

The court case brought against Council members Devon Warner and Secretary of Council Paul Nedd [...]

DeJoria’s reward…

…for propping up a morally (and fiscally) bankrupt government, Mr John Paul DeJoria can have [...]

Barbuda land is not for sale

The government will vote on Thursday on another, probably final, amendment to the Barbuda Land [...]

The DCA warns PLH about Palmetto damage

The Antigua and Barbuda Development Control Authority (DCA) have sent a warning letter to Discovery [...]

PLH Justify with Justin

PLH have a new manager, Justin Wilshire, and here he is telling the world about [...]

The Turtle Project

Ah turtles…that’s a sure-fire way to get positive attention, even if you are actually destroying [...]

Gaston threatens Barbuda Council. Again.

Gaston has threatened to remove the powers of the Barbuda Council in yet another attempt [...]

No to Golf Course at Palmetto

The Barbuda Council has made a formal request for an order to halt work being [...]