watching tennis
tennis wednesdays

The tennis court is open to anyone who wants to play and was inspired by the success of our neighbour Anguilla’s professional tennis programme and of course the Williams sisters success as role models for young tennis players, and made possible by Mr Kelly of Coco Point. It is used by school groups for CXC sport exams and in the past there has been an active Tennis Association whose committment to forging links with Antigua maintained the game on Barbuda and raised funds with a large donation from Coco Point. As a result, Barbuda produced a few strong tennis players.

Currently this group has disbanded and the court has become neglected with no interest in the upkeep of it or development of the sport apparent from Council. The programme needs a new initiative to give all young people on Barbuda a tennis racquet so that everyone can learn to play, with free and equal access to the court, and support this with informal tuition through open sessions to encourage young people to try tennis and to introduce them to the game. It still has the funds… Any tennis loving volunteers?