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You will need to hire a car if you want to see the best of Barbuda. It’s the cheapest and easiest way to see all the beaches as there is no public transport here. However, hiring a car on Barbuda can be difficult; repairing vehicles without easy access to spare parts, and the neglected, very bad roads make for an expensive business for Barbudans so things sometimes go wrong that can’t be fixed immediately for visitors, so don’t expect international standards. For some this is an exciting off-road experience, for others it’s a nightmare. On an older car check the brakes, windows, and fwd all work before you go out for the day, take water and a phone and don’t try driving across sand – that only works in adverts. .

You MUST buy a local licence (EC$50) which can be bought in Barbuda from the Fisheries office Monday to Friday. Your international licence does not cover you to drive here but if the office is closed you may drive, as long as you buy one at the earliest opportunity.

Please book your vehicle or taxi directly with the owners who will be happy to meet you with the car at the ferry, airport or guest house, so book ahead where possible. On Barbuda we sometimes have delays with the import of petrol/gas/diesel so visit the service station and check their supply to make sure you can fill up early during your stay.