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The hospital has been receiving help from various sources including the Indian government, with repairs and supplies. We have a wonderful team headed by Dr Jeremy Deazle. Their contact details are –

Nurse Jenita Cuffy – (+268) 768 6809
EMT Algie George – (+268) 773 7978
Doctor Jeremy Deazle – (+268) 736 5096

Serious emergencies are flown to Antigua. There is also a pharmacy with a pharmacist on duty but with limited supplies and a pharmacy in the village. A dentist also resides permanently on Barbuda but we need equipment and support for this. The dental clinic (below left) is situated near the hospital.

hospital garden

The police station (below right) is in the middle of the village but is not occupied currently, we have a small mainly non-Barbudan police force.
Neil George – (+268) 726 3063
Sergeant Thomas – (+268) 464 3940

Barbuda also has a fire service on duty at the airport for every plane landing and for other services.



police station

Police Station