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After many years of neglect, no facilities for detaining suspects and unsuitable conditions for the working police officers on Barbuda, there is finally a new, temporary Police Station, funded by PLH, in a rented and converted house on Barbuda.

These names and numbers may now have been updated.

Neil George – (+268) 726 3063
Sergeant Thomas – (+268) 464 3940

The hospital has received continous help from various sources since the hurricane – including the Indian government Aid Programme, PLH, Coco Point Trust, local individuals and the Barbuda Council workforce. It is now partly re-built and able to function with wards for most local emergencies, including a birthing suite. It has a dedicated pharmacy with most essential medication available and an experienced and qualified pharmacist. We are lucky to have an excellent team headed by Dr Jeremy Deazle, with Cuban doctors and a Barbudan healthcare team.

Visitors can be treated for most ailments for a reasonable charge, at the hospital, but serious emergencies are flown to Antigua – if a pilot is available. Otherwise we are limited to the coastguard’s boat which is clearly unsatisfactory and difficult.

Contact details are –

Nurse Jenita Cuffy – (+268) 768 6809
EMT Algie George – (+268) 773 7978
Doctor Jeremy Deazle – (+268) 736 5096

Barbuda also has a diligent fire service on duty at the airport for every plane landing and for other services.

Dr Camelda Hilaire-Frank, a Barbudan dentist visits regularly and there is a dedicated surgery for her practice.

the dentist building

Dr Frank the island dentist