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turtle tracks on beach

The undisturbed natural habitat of Barbuda has long been a safe space for nesting turtles, and they have traditionally been a source of food and other materials for Barbudans at various times; along with big sharks, land turtles, deer and other local species that – because of our sustainable way of using the land – still exist on Barbuda today.

The necessary and important movement to stop the endangering of sea turtles and other sea creatures by indiscriminate mass fishing around the world has inevitably brought new attitudes to Barbuda, and essential turtle-tagging and research has been carried out on Barbuda for some years, mainly because of our natural beaches and the abundance of wildlife on them. However, the recent arrival of PLH building Barbuda Ocean Club all over their natural habitat has resulted in a scramble for recognition by the very people who have caused the damage, making it difficult to celebrate their achievements.