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The best way to buy our delicious, locally made, freshly cooked food is to go out to a food fair or a fish fry at the weekend, as there are always people barbecuing on the street and the fish is straight from the sea. Local specialities include deer meat, land turtle, lobster, crab, conch, locally raised beef and lamb or goat, with side dishes of rice, fungi, or dumplings. Local drinks include soursop, ginger beer, sea moss, and tamarind juices. If you are a foodie you will love Barbuda; our cooks are some of the best in the Caribbean and win prizes wherever they go. See the Barbudan Rhyming Chef cooking on the beach at Coral Group.

Restaurants are very small with limited menu’s and are often open at certain times only. They may have to be booked in advance or close out of the tourist season, so please call them (if they have updated their numbers) to see if they are open before you go.

Real Barbudan specialities like land turtle, deer meat, crabs and conchs are only available at certain times and harder to find. Some food can be ordered if you ask a local person to cook, and some people (such as Islyn, Charm, Jackson and Jacgui) cook and sell from their homes. You would have to ask where they live!

Fresh caught fish and lobster depend on good weather and is often sold on the street out of a cool box, or at the Fisheries wharf as the boats come in, at around 2 – 4pm most days. Most Barbudan food is sold early in the day and a cooked breakfast is very popular. Lunch is gone by the early afternoon, so don’t miss out by looking too late; or buy it early and save it for later.