Barbuda Council Corona virus update

The Barbuda Council held a public meeting on Friday regarding the preventative measures that Barbuda will take to mitigate against the virus, officially known as COVID-19.The information session included our resident doctor Dr Jeremy Deazle, along with nurse Ms Janita Coffey and the head of the Social and Welfare Disaster committee, Ms Nadia George. The meeting was part of the ongoing public information service given to Barbudans and visitors to Barbuda, outlining ways in which all must assist in lessening the risk of contracting or spreading the virus.

Ms George said the Council would be keeping a vigilant eye on visiting vessels and on flights to Barbuda. Dr Deazle said yachts would have to present a health declaration outlining their travel history. Devon Warner, Barbuda Council member, said, “there is going to be a check point established at River, where the yachts will be held before they are cleared to enter Barbuda.”