Covid Protocols

Although first written in August, this page is now regularly updated.

You are now required to get a covid test before returning to your country of origin, this can currently only be done on Antigua. Details of this and other essential info is listed HERE on the Government of Antigua’s latest Covid travel advisory for Antigua and Barbuda.

It is possible to travel to Barbuda from Antigua on a day tour or to stay longer. We will assume that because you have arrived into Antigua FIRST on a flight or on a yacht you will have done the necessary checks (ie presented an up to date Covid test result) and any other requirements there (see link below) so we will accept the same information presented to us on arrival here on Barbuda. In addition your temperature will be checked and your contact details taken.

Self-monitoring, social distancing, the wearing of masks, sanitising and any curfews are to be strictly observed by visitors to Barbuda. Please also check in advance with your hosts on Barbuda what they might require.

In Antigua there is a list of Covid-approved accommodation; on that list under  Barbuda they have typically only included three hotels and NONE of our local guest houses, which hopefully Barbuda’s tourism department will address as soon as possible.

if you wish to arrive BY SEA direct into Barbuda FIRST the more specific yacht clearance into Barbuda is included here.

Some Embassy websites have suggested it is necessary to quarantine for two weeks before or after visiting Barbuda.This is NOT the case. Monitoring of visitors is always required, quarantine is not usually required unless you are a returning National where the protocol is different and you may need to self-isolate or quarantine – this is explained on the government website.