Covid Protocols

Essential info is listed on the Government of Antigua’s Covid travel advisory for Antigua and Barbuda and this is constantly being updated.

Currently the requirements are the same for Barbuda, although in the past we have implemented our own stricter lockdown rules on Barbuda to safeguard our community. Additionally, the certified accommodation and other hospitality sector lists for Barbuda on the governments site typically do not include many Barbuda businesses, not because they are unsafe but because the department have not travelled to Barbuda to ensure we are properly certified or represented. But rest assured we take Covid very seriously on Barbuda, have had fewer cases and we take care in our service to visitors.

So it is possible to travel to Barbuda from Antigua for the day or to stay longer. We will assume that if you have arrived into/checked into Antigua FIRST on a flight or on a yacht you will have done the necessary protocols (ie presented an up to date Covid PCR test result taken within four days, and shown evidence of vaccinations) so we will accept the same information presented to us on arrival here on Barbuda. In addition your temperature will be checked and your contact details taken. Anyone who develops Covid on Barbuda or has been track and traced as having been in contact with Covid, may be quarantined on Barbuda.

Self-monitoring, social distancing, the wearing of masks, sanitising and curfews are to be strictly observed by visitors to Barbuda. Please also check in advance with your hosts on Barbuda what they might require.

if you wish to arrive BY SEA direct into Barbuda FIRST the more specific yacht clearance into Barbuda is included here.