Covid Protocols

We assume that if you have arrived in Antigua first on a flight or a boat you will have done the necessary health checks and paperwork there, so we would accept the same information presented to us on arrival here on Barbuda.

Self-monitoring, social distancing, the wearing of masks, sanitising and various curfews are to be strictly observed by visitors to Barbuda. Please do not put our population at risk by any conspiracy theories about the necessity or not of these measures  – we will make that decision ourselves and ask you to respect them. So please check in advance with your destination on Barbuda what they require.

Some Embassy websites have listed the wrong information about visiting Barbuda – such as you need to quarantine for two weeks before or after visiting Barbuda. This is NOT the case. The protocol is also different for visiting tourists than for returning nationals. Self-monitoring of visitors is required but not quarantine.

Here is the link for visitors coming to Antigua first regarding the latest Covid travel advisory for Antigua and Barbuda.

if you arrive by sea direct into Barbuda the general information is also given above, and more specifically for Barbuda is included here.