Beach House ransack



According to The Observer, some people on Barbuda (and they were not all Barbudans) had heard privately that there was going to be a donation of the old hotel contents which would satisfy some of the members of Council. This, in spite of the fact that the hotel leaseholders left the island owing Barbudans for their services and taxes, and still have not paid them. So Barbudans went to the Beach House and “ransacked” all its contents. However, the pictures are misleading. We used the same ones here, a long time ago. There was not much there, remember? The Beach House was left empty by the leaseholders, the same ones who are trying to obtain more land. This dereliction is hurricane damage and neglect – most Barbudans do not want old sheets and towels – we would rather have the thousands of dollars of tax that they owe us.

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