Barbuda land is not for sale

The government will vote on Thursday on another, probably final, amendment to the Barbuda Land Act (a law already partially demolished in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Irma) to allow them to reap their biggest prize of all – the sale of Barbuda Land. Although years and years of their withholding of basic services such as electricity, health, education, hurricane relief, have failed to move us.

Their constant and tedious mis-representation of an independent, strong and resourceful rural community, and their exploitation of our natural resources (millions of tons of sand) have failed to persuade the people of Barbuda that anything (apart from the ORIGINAL Land Act which was a huge step forward for Barbuda) that is presented to us by the Antiguan government is a) honest or b) in our interests.

We are going to be fighting this to the end. Barbudans who want to be rich can be rich through leasing to small investors. PLH can honour the people of Barbuda by paying their rent to us instead of building a ‘Poor House’ for us (their latest inappropriate idea) and Antiguans can stand up for us, because they have the same problems in Antigua. We have a similar history, since Africans first fought for their own land in the Caribbean.