Finally. secession is on the table

So here we go with the ‘deracinated BPM’ again.

The background: Gaston lost ALL recent local elections to BPM (even when he refused to allow us to have our by-election on Barbuda and made us ALL GO BACK TO ANTIGUA to vote, in the trauma after Hurricane Irma) Even his own ALP Barbudans voted against him where their land is concerned. He still doesn’t seem to want to understand that message.

The problem we have is that outspoken opposition to Gaston in Antigua doesn’t exist, or if it does, we don’t often hear it; but that is nothing new for Barbuda, we have always been ahead of the game. So let’s not talk that garbage to Harvard about reparations for slavery for Antigua AND Barbuda, until this Antigua government sets Barbuda free. Barbudans took their reparation long ago, Suddenly we are a ‘third of the resources’. Yes we know what we have Antigua. But we looked after it for 400 years and we didn’t look after it for government ministers to come and take it now, like they took the sand in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Antiguans everywhere should distance yourselves from this backward treatment of your brothers and sisters, and especially before you ask anyone for anything on our behalf. They had the sand, most of the hurricane relief money stayed in Antigua, and now they think they can come for what is left?