Barbuda Council elections

Barbudans are gearing up for elections, which are constitutionally due every two years. This time four councillors will be retiring, they are George Burton, Dave Desouza, Arthur Nibbs, and Everett Thomas, who are eligible for re-election. The BPM candidates are Dave Desouza, Hartford John, Godfrey Punter, and Devon Warner, while the Barbuda branch of the Antigua Labour Party will be represented by George Burton, Reuben James, Arthur Nibbs, and David Shaw.

The Barbuda Council is currently chaired by Randolph Beazer. The parliamentary representative for Barbuda, Trevor Walker, enjoys a seat in the Prime Minister’s Cabinet and was given extra responsibility for APUA during the recent Cabinet re-shuffle. Read more about the the political structure of Antigua and Barbuda.

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