Barbudans Worldwide

Barbudans Worldwide

Dear Fellow Barbudans,


We are writing this letter to seek your assistance in prosecuting the Barbuda Land Rights Case that is due to be heard in the highest appeal court for the Eastern Caribbean, the PRIVY COUNCIL LONDON.

The background to this is:

  1. February 2018 Justice Wilkinson ruled that all Barbudans “Owned the land in common”. This according to the provisions of the BARBUDA LAND ACT 2007.
  2. This decision was overturned by the Appeal court of the Eastern Caribbean.

The plaintiffs Walker and Frank + 112 Barbudan petitioners were granted permission to appeal to the Privy Council.

These processes have been a tremendous burden on the people of Barbuda. Since 2016 and up to the hearing in London the expenses are likely to reach $200,000EC.

We are asking Barbudans worldwide to make a contribution to this historic struggle to preserve the Land Rights of all Barbudans home and abroad.

We have appointed the Rev. Kenroy Teague and Rev. Fredrick Harris to coordinate the Appeal in the United States of America and Canada. Please forward any contribute to these two Ministers. UK donations will be received during the visit of the MP to London.

These contributions will be used to cover the expenses associated with Justin Simon QC, John Macdonald QC, Sylvester Carrot and the plaintiffs Trevor Walker MP and Cllr. Mackenzie Frank Chairman of the Barbuda Council.

Thanking in advance for your help and cooperation in this matter and be assured of our continued esteem.

Yours Respectfully,

Hon. Trevor Walker – MP for Barbuda

Cllr. Mackenzie Frank – Chairperson – Barbuda Council.