“straight from the heart”



“Straight from the Heart” is a collection of short stories, essays and poems by Vincent Alexander Punter.

When Vincent Punter sits down to write, he shares his personal experiences and keen observations with his readers. Vincent’s new book “Straight from the Heart” published by the Writers Club Press, takes the reader on a journey through the common threads of humanity found in everyday life; from the complexities of life’s pain to the simple joys of love. Vincent’s short stories, poems, and essays reveal an appreciation for life, family, and nature in beautifully written and understated prose. Vincent’s sincerity is indeed “straight from the heart”.

Vincent Punter was born in Codrington, Barbuda, on 18 November 1947. He attended the Holy Trinity School before becoming a waiter at the Coco Point Lodge. He worked as a carpenter’s apprentice in St Croix for two years and again at the Coco Point Lodge before emigrating to the USA in 1969. Vincent lived in Waterbury Connecticut, where he was employed at the Scoville Century Brass Manufacturing Company and at the Connecticut Department of Mental Retardation. He graduated with a degree in human services from the Naugatuck Valley Community Technical College.

Vincent Punter has been writing for more than 35 years. His published works include “The Great Oak Tree”, in the 1998 anthology, “National Library of Poetry”. His poems, short stories, and news articles were featured regularly in the 1970s and 1980s in “The Barbuda Voice” newspaper. Vincent has been married for more than 28 years and has seven children and three grandchildren.

“Straight from the Heart” (ISBN 0-595-22458-X) is available from iUniverse, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Booksamillion.


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