Going Back Home

Hooray, hooray FINALLY we are allowed to go back. A formal petition has already been put to government regarding the requirements of Barbudans to return as follows –



WHEREAS by virtue of a State of Emergency proclaimed by the Governor General of Antigua & Barbuda and an Evacuation Order made by the Cabinet of Antigua & Barbuda the entire population of the island of Barbuda was evacuated to Antigua between September 7th and 8th, 2017 AND WHEREAS we Barbudans are thankful to the Government for its prompt response and to the people of Antigua for the outpouring of love and support and their generosity in providing accommodation, food, clothing and transportation to mitigate our circumstances AND WHEREAS many Barbudans are anxious to return home to Barbuda to participate in the reconstruction efforts and to restore normalcy in the shortest possible time.

WE THE UNDERSIGNED BARBUDANS evacuated from Barbuda and currently living in Antigua hereby make the following demands:

1. All Barbudans who are prepared to assist with the clean-up effort must be allowed to return to Barbuda and remain in Barbuda for this purpose;
a) In this regard adequate provision must be made for food, medical and material supplies to be sent from Antigua to Barbuda to serve their needs;
b) Barbudans should be allowed to stay in their own homes provided that these homes are safe for habitation, or to stay in designated shelters;
c) Volunteers should be divided into working groups including but not limited to
Fogging crew
Equipment operators
2.​A dedicated clinic should be designated in Antigua to serve Barbudans and all medical relief items and funds intended for the benefit of Barbudans should be made available to that clinic to serve the medical needs of Barbudans.
3.​An independent committee should be established which would include Barbudans to manage the receipt of material supplies and relief items.
4.​A Barbuda Foundation should be created to manage all financial donations from individuals and local, regional and international bodies.
5.​Adequate transportation arrangements should be made to allow Barbudans to travel to and from Barbuda on a regular schedule. This should include transportation between the port and the town.
6. All materials and supplies intended for use in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Barbuda, including all generators and communication equipment should be sent to Barbuda immediately.


Update – there will be families who are unable to do this if their children remain in school in Antigua and so provision must be made for them to remain in Antigua until a satisfactory solution for education is reached on Barbuda.

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