A year on from Hurricane Irma

The sad anniversary of Irma is here. We didn’t expect much from our government but we did expect that our basic infrastructure would be well on the way to recovery. Not so – and the Antigua Observer remembers why …

‘Not to mention the talk of a ‘land-grab’ especially in light of a certain questionable clause in a certain sweetheart deal with a certain investor. Of course, suspicions deepened when there seemed to be a prioritising of the new airport project over such things as the Hannah Thomas Hospital, the Holy Trinity School, the restoration of water and electricity and the removal of rubble. Not to mention the downright spiteful and vicious name-calling. Yes, in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, words such as ‘deracinated,’ ‘imbeciles,’  ‘in-breeding,’ ‘mendicants,’ and other unflattering adjectives became part of our daily lexicon, much to our dismay.  And much to the astonishment of the world!

Read the rest of the article here.


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