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DeJoria’s reward…

…for propping up a morally (and fiscally) bankrupt government, Mr John Paul DeJoria can have [...]

You have been warned…

The history of Barbuda is littered with failed projects – from the sublime to the [...]

Barbuda land is not for sale

The government will vote on Thursday on another, probably final, amendment to the Barbuda Land [...]

Inevitably. secession is off the table

Well, we kinda knew this would happen right? UPP are claiming they can’t let us [...]

Finally. secession is on the table

So here we go with the ‘deracinated BPM’ again. The background: Gaston lost ALL recent [...]

The DCA warns PLH about Palmetto damage

The Antigua and Barbuda Development Control Authority (DCA) have sent a warning letter to Discovery [...]

A separate future

‘Until they are prepared to accept their subordinate role…’ just about sums up the ignorance [...]

The Codrington Papers

For those who are having trouble doing the research, here is some helpful info. The [...]

Privy Council will be asked to review land case

Although the Privy Council is primarily a British institution, officials from other parts of the [...]

PLH Justify with Justin

PLH have a new manager, Justin Wilshire, and here he is telling the world about [...]