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New Barbuda Community Centre Opens

The new Barbuda community centre was opened in a grand ceremony attended by the Governor [...]

Felicitations from barbudaful to all our readers

OK, OK, we’re late, but the bugler overslept, and twelfth night is not quite upon [...]

…if you’re in the UK here is something for you…

Event organised by the Barbuda Social Group in Leicester, UK.

Barbuda community centre nears completion

  The new Community Centre will officially be opened this month. It will be run [...]

New Teacher Training Programme

The Ministry of Education has begun a new teacher training programme in Barbuda. Director of [...]

More Tropical Storms…

There was serious flooding in the area around the Barbuda Council Day Care facility as [...]

Tropical Storm Maria threatens Antigua and Barbuda

Tropical Storm Maria is predicted to pass between Antigua and Barbuda this afternoon; in Barbuda [...]

Gravenor Bay project given green light?

Deputy Chairman of the Barbuda Council, Fabian Jones, is hoping the Barbuda Council goes back [...]