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Barbuda is part of a three-island state with Antigua and Redonda in the north-eastern Caribbean. On Barbuda you will find a small village community on a large island that is virtually untouched by tourism. It is world renowned for its beaches which are natural, many miles long and often sprinkled with pink sand. Here is a map of the island and a satellite image at the bottom of the page where you can see the large lagoon to the west, the salt ponds and flashes to the north and the central location of Codrington village. There is a  short video from Good Morning America, who featured Barbuda in their Weekend Window slot in 2009, it features Calvin Gore, Mackenzie Frank, and Jackie Beazer-Joseph talking about their love for Barbuda.

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Barbuda has the deep blue Atlantic on one side with wild beaches full of driftwood and shells, and the Caribbean Sea on the other, perfect for swimming and snorkelling, and with plenty of opportunities to see turtles, rays, sharks, barracuda and many other varieties of tropical fish undisturbed in the turquoise water. The beauty of Barbuda is in its natural and peaceful way of life. It's definitely not for visitors who are looking for sophisticated nightlife or lots of imported tourist attractions - it's a place where you can relax, slow down, meet local people and make your own entertainment.

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The population of approximately 1800 live in the only village of Codrington, but Barbudans have family all over the world, especially in the UK, the USA and Canada. If you are a visitor here you will soon be part of the lives of local people as Barbudans welcome you to their island. Barbuda is 15 miles long and 8 miles wide, and is rocky and very flat. Much of the island is covered in impenetrable bush and there are unmarked roads and tracks to most of the beaches, with one main road going from River to Two Foot Bay. There are three hotels on the island; the longest established and private Coco Point Lodge, Lighthouse Bay Resort at Low Bay and newly built Barbuda Belle at Cedar Tree Point. There are several guest houses in the village ranging from single rooms to self-catering cottages, and only three that are on the beach - North Beach, the Barbuda Cottages at Coral Group and Pink Sand at River.

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our natural island

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Barbuda is truly a natural paradise. The dense Barbudan bush hides all kinds of wildlife not seen on other Caribbean islands, including deer and wild boar, land turtles and guinea fowl. There are cattle, horses, and donkeys often wandering about, and in the village sheep and goats return to their pens at night. There are several salt ponds where it is possible to collect sea salt and see a great variety of bird life, and in the fabulous Codrington Lagoon, a Ramsar site of national importance, live the most spectacular of all the birds - the rare Magnificent Frigate Bird has a thriving colony of approximately 2000 birds which is one of the largest in the world.

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Barbuda is a haven for birdwatchers who come to see the Frigate birds and many other rare species including Ospreys, Whistling Ducks, Tropicbirds and the yellow Barbuda Warbler. It's known locally as the Christmas Bird and is the only one of its kind in the world.

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visiting barbuda

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It's difficult to find detailed information about staying on Barbuda anywhere other than this website - which is one of the reasons we started it eleven years ago. This is because there is very little tourism on the island, but this is part of Barbuda's charm - it is undeveloped - and as a result is a unique and special destination in the world. Barbuda will not be offered as part of a package except as a day tour from Antigua, and many people visit us for the day - ask at your hotel or call one of the taxi and tour operators directly here. But we think you will have an even better experience if you stay on Barbuda for at least one or two nights, because the day-return plane and ferry services do not allow much time here. If you want to stay you will find most of the information you need right here, and by contacting taxi drivers, guest houses and hotels direct you will be making an important and welcome contribution to the local economy. You can book your flights to Antigua and Barbuda as an independent traveller; there are several flights a week from the US, UK, and Canada that go to Antigua, and from there you can get the two-hour ferry ride or a short 15-minute flight to Barbuda. If you need more advice contact us and we will be happy to help you plan your stay or just go to our how to get here page to find out how to get here!

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staying in antigua

As we often have to stay at least one night in Antigua before we can get to Barbuda on the local flight or the ferry, those of us without family or friends in Antigua recommend these places below.

Ocean Point Residence and Spa

Ocean Point Residence & Spa is an ocean front property located at Hodges Bay, just a 10 minute drive from both the capital St Johns and the airport. It has a large outdoor swimming pool and a massage centre overlooking the sea. The air conditioned studios are decorated in Mediterranean style and have cable TV and free wi-fi. Each room has a private balcony from which you can enjoy the view, and a small kitchen. The bar and restaurant are close by and are in a beach-side setting for cocktails at sunset.  The rates are US$140 per room per night, or US$160 with continental breakfast included. There is no minimum stay but note that children under the age of 16 are not permitted to stay here. Contact (+1268) 562-8330 or (+1268) 720-0134 or visit their website to book.

The swimming pool overlooking the sea at Ocean Point Residence and SpaThe interior of one of the bedrooms at Ocean Point Residence and Spa

Dutchman Bay Cottages

Dutchmans Bay Cottages is a locally owned place to stay, conveniently near the airport without being noisy, on a beach and with a pool and restaurant nearby. They prefer a longer stay of at least three nights but why not spend a a few days here and a few days in Barbuda? Contact David Fuller on (+1268) 764-7333 or Erin Fuller on  (+1268) 464-0207 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information and room rates.

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about this site

There are many books and apps about the Caribbean in general and about Antigua in particular, but only a few of them include any detailed and accurate information about Barbuda. If they have it is probably because we share our information with them under our Creative Commons licence - and we hope they will acknowledge our contribution.

This site is written for Barbudans; for their families living overseas in Canada, the UK and the USA, for visitors hoping to come to Barbuda, and for the many Antiguans who have never been here - so they can be well informed  about the island. It is regularly updated and we answer all emails. There are many more businesses on the island than choose to be on the website so not everything is listed, but this is a snapshot of life here. 

All the pictures you see here on barbudaful are taken here in Barbuda by people who live or visit here. Barbudaful has information on our news and everyday events, on the community who live here, listings of where you can stay, and a bit about the history and geography of Barbuda. It can all be translated into any language with the 'translate' button. It looks best on a laptop but works on a phone too, and if you can't find what you are looking for we have a 'search' button on the very top right-hand corner of every page - so eventually you should find it. If you spot any errors please let us know and we hope you enjoy your visit to Barbuda. 

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