Morvet Natasha Beazer



bb: Good day Morvet, how are you? Please tell us your age to start the interview?

MB: I am 21 years old. I was born under the sign of Scorpio on 31 October 1982.

bb: what is your background?

MB: I was born in Antigua and came to Barbuda when I was two days old. I have lived here ever since with my mother, sister, and brother. I attended the Holy Trinity School until I was 18 years old. My favourite subjects were maths and English.

bb: what did you do when you left school?

MB: I worked for the Barbuda Council at the Women’s Desk Art and Craft Centre. My main skill is in hair braiding, which I began when I was 16. I am one of the best hair braiders in Barbuda.

bb: tell us about these skills…

MB: I braid in many styles, for example rope, single plaits, twists, Congo, extensions, weaves, and so on. I use different braids, human and synthetic, which come in many styles, including kinky, pony tail, French curls.

bb: braiding must take a long time

MB: Yes, sometimes it can take four or five hours. The cost depends on the time and the size of the braids.

bb: have you any advice for young people from a young person?

MB: With braiding practice makes perfect and you need patience – I believe this is the same in life, if you do not succeed at first – try try again.

bb: Thank you Morvet, we wish you very well for the future.

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