Judicial Review granted in De Niro (Paradise Found) case

A Judicial Review has been granted to the people of Barbuda Peoples Movement (BPM) led by Mackenzie Frank, who opposed the process of offering a further 1000+ acres of land to Robert de Niro and James Packer in addition to their K Club lease, under the title Paradise Found project. The Supreme Court judges set aside the Cottle decision and declared it was wrong. There will now be a full hearing in December 2015. Meanwhile work continues to renovate K Club – which has 72 years left on the lease bought by de Niro and Packer earlier this year. In order for the project to proceed the terms of the Barbuda Land Act must be followed:

  1. A majority of Barbudan nationals must agree in principle.
  2. The Council must be presented with full details of the project and make their judgement on behalf of the people.
  3. The proposal is forwarded to Cabinet if agreed – and Cabinet must agree.
  4. The people then make their final judgement based on a full and transparent process that clearly benefits Barbudan people.

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