Gaston threatens to remove the Land Act

Gaston Browne told the country on ZDK radio that he will repeal the Barbuda Land Act if the BPM stand in the way of Paradise Found and other similar projects that are being given the go ahead by the Antiguan government on hundreds of acres of Barbuda land. In response to this Trevor Walker of BPM told the country that in that case Barbuda would be ready to seek separation from Antigua. The myth that is continually perpetrated that Barbuda is too small to go it alone will no doubt resurface; in spite of the fact that by using the Land Act we could easily provide excellent terms for De Niro and other conscientous, sustainable and approved projects that would generate a permanent income for Barbuda way beyond the imaginations of the current Barbuda Council leaders. Which is exactly what Gaston is after! So again we go backwards – facing more years of the divide, rule and share the spoils approach to Barbuda that the ALP were well known for in the past and are expert at, but with the added interest of increased attempts to stamp on anything that appears to be dissent.

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