flag raising at hts

The Young Leaders project for 2005 is “Strengthening Caribbean Society – Our Vision, Our Culture, Our People”. The Young Leaders have decided to use the Black History Month celebrations as part of their project and are organising and implementing the activities throughout the school.

The celebrations were opened with a ceremony which featured the raising of flags from 18 Caribbean territories. At 10 am on 4 February 2005, The Holy Trinity School staff and students gathered in the grounds for the flag-raising ceremony. Sharima Deazle of the Young Leaders chaired the ceremony and read descriptions of each Caribbean flag.

Forms V and II raised the flags of Cuba and Guadeloupe. Mrs M Keizer stands under the Guyanese flag. Mrs Keizer, who teaches agricultural science and integrated science, joined the school staff in September 2004 and is from Guyana.

The Deputy Principal raised the national flag of Antigua and Barbuda while the staff and students sang the national anthem.

This unique event was organised by the Young Leaders of the Holy Trinity School, advised by their teacher and mentor, Cleopatra Issac.

Wendell Nicholas took time out from his duties as deputy chairman of the Barbuda Council to congratulate Cleopatra Issac.

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