Emmanuel Punter (Manny)


bb: Hello Manny. What is your full name and how old are you?

EP: It’s Emmanuel Punter, Manny for short and I was born on November 23rd 1947, so you can work that out!.

bb: Were you born in Barbuda?

EP: Yes. My parents were Elizabeth Simon from Antigua and John Punter.

bb: Did you come from a large family?

EP: Yes. I had nine sisters and three brothers.

bb: Where were you educated?

EP: At Holy Trinity School. I left school at Senior 3b as I was needed at home to help bring in the “daily bread” for our large family. At sixteen I then left home and went sailing around the Caribbean. I saw our immediate wider world and enjoyed meeting our brothers and sisters in the other islands. I returned home after two years to continue in our family tradition of small farming, charcoal burning, fishing and diving lobsters. We sent what we could to sell in Antigua. This gave us much needed cash to look after everyone in the family.

EP: In the 80’s I was invited into politics where I was elected in the first instance. I spent twelve years serving and was Council chairman two or three times.

bb: Have you travelled out of Barbuda?

EP: Yes to Canada and the USA on vacations. I plan to visit the UK next year.

bb: What is your favorite dish?

EP: Rice – but all locally prepared dishes.

bb: What else do you enjoy doing?

EP: As an ordained Pastor I like to go around preaching to people, especially the youth. Also to propagate the Islamic faith which I study faithfully.

bb: What advice would you give the youth of Barbuda?

EP: To acquire the right knowledge, after which wisdom and understanding comes; this ability will take you through life as a sound person.

bb: How would you like to be remembered?

EP: As an honest man with a deep love for his fellow man. To have been striving for excellence and for us to remember that we are all our brothers keeper.

bb: Thank you Manny, we understand you are looking for a partner? For love?

EP: That’s true, should any ladies out there be interested!

bb: Well we are sure you will find her soon, and wish you well for the future.

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