Capture the flag

To celebrate the UN Year of Sports and Health, Ben Cheung and Mike Tomlinson played the game capture the flag on their last day at the Holy Trinity School. Students from Grades 5 to 9 and Forms 1 to 5 participated as well as some of the more energetic teachers. Learn more about this game.

as played at the holy trinity school, barbuda

Ben Cheung and Mike Tomlinson of the University of Toronto played Capture the Flag with our students to celebrate the UN Year of Sports and Health. It’s a great game for people of all ages, easy to organise and fun to play.

This game comes from the family of games known as invasion/territory. Games in this family can be recognised by the appearance of both offensive and defensive situations. Other invasion/territory games include basketball and football. This game was chosen by Ben and Mike because it maximises space and participation.

how the game works

the field set-up for capture the flag (Lesley Watkins)

There are two teams, each protecting their own flags while trying to steal the other team’s flags. The object of the game is for one team to hold all the flags on its side. The field is set up like this:

  • The red team is trying to steal the flags of the blue team and vice versa by running and picking up the flags without being tagged (touched). The teams are safe on their side of centre, but can be tagged when they are on the opposing team’s side.
  • Players are tagged from the shoulders downwards.
  • Players, who are tagged, must go to jail.
  • Players who run out-of-bounds are placed in jail
  • Players can be freed from jail if they are tagged by a team mate.
  • Once freed a player is allowed a free walk back to her/his side. The player cannot be tagged and put in jail.
  • After taking a flag a player is allowed a free walk back to her/his side.
  • Stolen flags are spread out along the back line with the team’s own flags.
  • Jail and flag guards are permitted, but they must stay three large steps away to allow the opposing team the opportunity to succeed in releasing players and stealing flags.
  • A jailbeak during the game means that everyone in jail is freed. This prevents players from being in jail for the whole game

Thank you Ben and Mike – everyone at Holy Trinity School had a great time.

It’s good fun – play the game today!

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